Vicki Leavitt


I make the bags because secretly I wish I could be Martha Stewart and I love all different kinds of fabric! I just got into sewing a few years ago, but my mother is an amazing seamstress and can sew anything, so i think it is kind of in my blood. I like to see how it all comes together and I also LOVE handbags and accessories. I rescued my beagle Murphy from BREW Beagle in Sept 05. I have always been a dog and animal lover and want to support in any way that I can. I have just begun to do more research on the ways to become more involved in animal rescue. My job doesnt afford me a lot of extra time so if i can support in small ways i am happy to do so

*Vicki's rescue of choice is BREW Beagle rescue. She will be donating 20% of sales made through EvieAlo.

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