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This page is dedicated to David Dean and other animal lovers who help the welfare cause in their own way. 

David was a part of my life for more than 20 years. On May 31st of 2009 he had a horrible accident and broke his neck. That alone was bad enough, but the resulting problems of being paralyzed made things much worse and he passed away on November 20th, 2010 after a valiant and brave fight.

David was there when I first entered the veterinary field in 1997 and spent the next ten years humoring me in my animal adventures as he was an avid animal lover himself. During the years he gave many a bath to an annoyed cat for me, spent many an hour sitting on the floor of my rescue room playing with litters of feisty kittens, slept many a night with the sounds of newborns and, of course, slept through feeding time with the bottle:) He never got upset when I went “what’s that!?” as we drove down the streets, although he did not always stop the car because he knew it would be an hour until we got to where we needed to be. When he was not partaking in my rescue efforts, he was spending time with our animals and spoiling them. Making me the bad guy was part of the fun so that they never were mad at him. When our Husky had cancer he was the one who drove her to her treatments over and over again and listened to her cry in pain in the car on the way home. One he had the time, but also he was just that kind of animal lover. He was the one who slept on the floor with her when she was sick and couldn’t move well. This was also the Husky that sat on the couch with him when she was a puppy and I sat on the chair....I should have known, lol. After she passed away he was the one who wanted another Husky, so we adopted a girl in Colorado that he liked right away. This was to be Dave’s dog I thought since he worked at home and needed the company...and she was. Next came Maximus the Great Pyrenees, who only joined us because Dave gave his permission. I wanted a dog who loved only me since all the animals I had rescued seemed to like him better! I had dragged him to many a shelter before that and yet the right one was just beneath my nose as he came into the veterinary hospital I as working at. He fell madly in love once he saw the fluffy white happy puppy and that was that. Max and David were an surprise.

David was a man of good heart and soul and it shows in all the pictures you will see here. He is the perfect example of someone who made a difference by helping me help the cause I love the most. Those are just a few of the many stories I could share with you.

Please also take a moment to learn more about my book Free in Spirit here on the site. It is a short illustrated version of how Dave saved my life by donating a kidney, his paralysis and the crows that now come to watch over me each August right before his birthday. It is a meant to give hope to all those struggling with serious health issues and the importance of believing in the magic of the world! 

Dave and Ben in Colorado

Dave and Luna watching an Eagles game!

                                                                                                    Dave and Maximus on Cape Cod

      Dave hanging with the cats in Colorado


                                                           Dave feeding Shaman the artic wolf at the W.O.L.F. sanctuary in Colorado

Please take a moment to tell us about someone in your life who has helped YOU be the best you can be in the fight to save animals!! (To prevent spammers we are asking that you just take a quick second to create an account at the top right of the page, and then you will be able to post. Thank you for doing so and we look forward to your stories!)


Name: Stephen J Ferry
Comment: You have done a wonderful thing here. You are one special person!
Name: Stephanie Rivera
Comment: I never met him but it is clear the world has lost a wonderful man. This is a beautiful tribute.
Name: Laura Dean - Abadie
Comment: ........Thank You again for loving Dave.....
Name: Helena Davis
Comment: Romy, thank you for sharing your beauty and grace with all of us.
Name: diane
Comment: Truly a unsung hoero. God Bless, Diane d
Name: Barbara Dean
Comment: What a wonderful tribute, and also, a beautiful website. Joe and I wish you lots of luck with it! Thank you Romy for caring and loving so much!
Name: Barbara Dean
Comment: Beautiful tribute, Romy! Dave will be very proud of you!
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