News Update

News Update

A big thank you to Linda York from PetPals, Inc in Wyoming for being the first member of the Community Paws Forum. Thank you to Holly Ellis for being the first to join the Public Purrs Message Board. To Jennifer Witebsky for being the first to donate to EvieAlo in the name of Dave Dean. And, to Kasi Rishel for all her patience! Great way to start the site.

6/2010 A big welcome to Much MoreThan Me who is our newest friend in working together to help the animals. See their information on the Partners and Fundraising page.

7/10 We are proud to say that EvieAlo's one-of-a-kind "transport"  bumper stickers have become very popular on our one of two Cafepress stores. Check it out at The EvieAlo Shop!

7/10 http:/:// article=343179&paper=69&cat=104 We have a new pet newspaper here in my area and I submitted a short note about Evie which was included in its first edition. My article is called "New Life" and Evie's photo is on the right hand side with the others. The paper version that they do is much better, of course, but still fun to see online 

9/10 - Thanks so much to Caryn and Much More Than Me for her kind donation from our affiliate partnership. Funds are being sent to PetPals, Inc in Wyoming to help with their many animals! Join EvieAlo's message Forums and be on the list to receive donations as well!:)

2/2011 - Welcome to our new friend in the UK, David Evans, and his great new website. Your Pet's Daily Life. Check it out!

5/11 - Romy has been accepted to be a writer for the She will be writing about Animal Welfare, with a local twist. Please visit and subscribe!

6/11 -This was so nice of FOHA to mention me. Hopefully Thumper gets a good home! FOHA newsletter

6/11 - A big welcome to Operation Happy Sock and working together to bring a little happiness to shelter and rescue cats. Visit the Partner and Fundraising page for more information.

7/11 - Calling all artists who love animals! EvieAlo will be adding a Featured Artist section. This will be for artists who would like more exposure, and who are willing to donate a small portion of sales to a rescue or sheter. Please contact Romy for more information and pass it on to others!

7/11 - A warm welcome to Talk to the Paws doggy day care in Hyannis, Mass. They are our new friend.

8/11 - The Featured Artist page is up and the first three artists are wonderful! If interested in being included, contact us for more information.

8/11 - Happy to report that I will be guest on the Pawz Cauze radio show on September 8th 6-8CST. She will be interviewing me about my book, website, and more. Listen in if you can! *9/5/11 - Show has been postponed...but, coming soon!:)

8/11 - A big thank you to Gary, Elizabeth, both Sally's, CM, Britney, and Lee who took the time to visit my Cafepress stores and purchase something for the cause over the last two months. I only make a few dollars (sometimes cents) off of each sale, but over time it will add up and go to help animals!

8/11 - A big thank you to Laura Menck for taking the time to write a blog about EvieAlo!

8/11 - Thrilled to annouce that my book "Animal Lovers" is going to be a giveaway on Life with Dogs on October 3rd. Visit the site that day and see what it is all about!

8/11 - One of our nice fans, Gary, is now our first Cafepress model. He is a cat lover and just adopted a new one! Check him out on the Shop EvieAlo page.

9/11 - A big thank you to Lucky Dog and King St Cats for being the first to post on the Welfare News board!

10/11 - Animal Lovers was included as a Giveaway on Life with Dog's site today. Yay!

10/7/11 - Thanks to everyone who was interested in the book! Sending a copy to the three winners of the Giveaway...Travis, Elysa and Marsha.

12/11 - Welcome to Vicki Leavitt - our new Featured Artist! Check out her great handmade bags and contact us if you wish to become a Featured Artist!

12/11  - Our new friend Brain Dog (check out their FB page for more info) wrote this nice note today!: "Excellent website! It took quite awhile to load due to my dial-up modem, but well worth the wait. As an artist who loves dogs, I enjoyed my visit. Highly recommend for all dog issues."

12/11 - For our rescue, shelter and welfare you pay for feeding and water bowls for your animals, or are they mostly donated? Are they disposable,  or do you wash and re-use them? Any replies are GREATLY appreciated and will assist Evie in an important new project for 2012. Responses can be sent through the Contact Us page at the top of the screen. Thank you!

1/2012 - We are working hard on a new project (or two) for this new year. Hopefully it will bring a little more help to the welfare world so that they can concentrate on saving more lives. PLEASE FEEL FREE to utilize this site's Public Purrs board for animals in need, Community Paws board for shelter/rescue needs, Welfare News board, Activities section, Featured Pet and more. That is why it is here and why we have worked so hard on it. People visit and you never know who may end up being albe to help!!:)

3/12 - I am so honored to be included in this wonderful new video, in the company of such great books. Please check it out and learn more about Carol Upton's work for the animals as well!

4/12 - YAY!! It only took six years, but there is now a professional review of Animal Lovers. The book Romy published in 2006. More information on the book, non-profit ordering and more to the right of the page.

4/22/12 - Evie is a TV star..sort of:) Her photo is going to be on next weeks HBO show VEEP. Tonight is the premier. She is the imaginary dog that one of the characters uses to get out of doing things. He gets the dog off of Google pictures. Funny show. It is difficult to see the detail in the photo because it is fast, but let us know if you saw the show

5/12 - Warm welcome to Lacey Fisher, she is the newest Featured Arist on EvieAlo! We are always looking for new artists to showcase their work while helping animals. It's free and I do all the work, so pass it on!

6/12 - Evie and Romy now have a Pineterest Page. Join us to help share more animals in need as well as have a little fun! 

9/12 - For those of you who have been following the story of Gracye and the three kittens, I am happy to say that all the kittens have been caught and King St Cats in Alexandria VA is going to take two of the kittens. Please take a moment to visit their site andsupport them. Gracye and I are still working on her social skills, but she needs a home or barn situation too! Anyone out there who can help, please contact Romy ASAP. She is nice, but very shy:)

10/12 - Please welcome Aslyyn Magnolia Brink as our newest Featured Artist! You can find her work, and all the others, on th site. And we have thre more artists soon to join us! 

11/12 - A big thank you to Mike Campbell in VA who purchased a set of my note/post cards. The money will be used for Grayce's food:)

1/2013 - Happy New Year to everyone and thank you for visiting our site! Hopefully you will share out work with people so that we can help more animals and the people who devote their time to them. And we hope to have the blog working again soo so we can share more! Evie and I (and Toby too) are thrilled that our Gracye has come into her own and is now part of the family...and boy has she made herself at home, lol:) 

2/13 - We are happy to be able to donate my book Animal Lovers to the Smiling K9 Rescue's auction. Take a moment to visit their site and pass it on so they can have more people bid on all the great items!

4/13 - Please welcome Susan Monty as our newest Featured Artists! We are honored to have her as part of our family. Please visit her page on the Featured Artists section. And, please remember that a percentage of all sales through EvieAlo go towards a resuce or shelter of each artist's choice!

5/13 - Did you know? My article about blind dogs on the CAPS Blog page.

8/13 - Have you seen our two newest Featured Artists? We are so excited to have them as part of the FA family and hope the everyone will take the time to visit each artist's work and support them if you can. Each sale helps them and the rescue or shelter they donate to! Aso, a big thank you to Mr Pomeroy for noting our site in his social media venues!

1/2014 - Happy New Years all and thank you for visiting our site! We have been taking a break from our Examiner article adventures, but have been back to working on new art pieces for fundraising for shelters and rescues, as well as beginning a new book which will be used for fundraising as well. We would love it if you would take a moment to look around the site and pass it on to others. Our goal is to offer unique and free venues for those in the welfare world, as well as animal lovers in general. And the rumor is that we are going to be adding some new Featured Artists as well, yay! Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions and best to you in 2014. Romy and Evie...and the cats too:)

1/2014 - A big thank you to Ron Pomeroy for letting me know that he did a blog about EvieAlo. It is much appreciated, and another great example of people working together:)

2/14- New England friends...Join me and CAPS for at their ad campaign launch this April in Boston. It will help us spread the word about puppy mills and our work to shut them down!

/14 - Have you seen the Animal Lover's book page on Amazon yet? If not, please check it out and write a review if you have read the book. Or, visit the pages here on the site about how you can purchase it as a fundraiser at a discounted price!

5/14 - Well, it was time for a website update, so welcome to the new EvieAlo! Unfortunately, we are having some difficulties with the forums and none of the previous forum views and replies  transfered over, but that will be resolved soon, so thank you for your patience! We hope that people will visit the site to keep up with all the animals in need, and to post their own; And, of course, we encourage everyone to share this site so that rescues, shelters and welfare supporters can utilize all the free offerings. Working together IS the only way to make a difference, so thank YOU for caring! RAM and Evie, and the cats too:)

5/14 - Evie and I are thrilled and honored to be one of the first featured on a new website for local people making a difference. Thank you to Sarah for thinking of me!

6/14 - Evie decided we should have photos of other people and their rescued friends as part of our Fun Stuff page photos. We already have several people who wanted to show off their friend, so join in the fun and send a selfie or photo of you and yours today. You can do so through the Contact Us page. Can't wait to see you!

10/2015 - Was so nice to see people submit such great testimonials about my work with animals. Thank you one and all for your gracious words!! Please see the About Us page to read these testimonials. 

2/2016 - We are thrilled people are visiting the two Stores full of our one-of-a-kind slogans on fun items. And our Transport bumper sticker is still selling weekly so that means there are lots of good people doing great things out there! We only get a few cents from each one, but it will add up and help more animals. Thanks for all you do!

7/16 - We have been busy working on new projects which will be announced and added to the site soon! And Evie recently decided to change the name of the site to reflect all the different aspects soon to be included. Of course, if you have a better name idea make sure to email us and Evie will be happy to see what she thinks! Grayce will also put her two cents in. Don't forget to submit your Pet of the Week and share the site with rescues and shelters that may need an extra and free way to share their animals in need, as well as their needs! And, take a moment to visit all the other pages and see what may be new. Best wishes to everyone from all of us.

7/14/16 - So excited...the new book is done and out and it is very close to my heart because it is a true story! I hope that everyone takes a moment to visit the right side of the page and read about Free in Spirit. It is a short illustrated book with photos, references and is also interactive. As usual, proceeds from sales will go towards helping needy animals, so please let us know what you think, or if you have any questions. Thank you!'

8/16 - Very excited. Two paperbacks and a Kindle version of the new book are now on my own Author's Page on!!

10/16 - Yay! Another project completed and, of course, proceeds help animals. It's a unique adult coloring color and then decided what else you want to do with one or all of the designs. A tattoo? A piece of jewelry? Fabric design? So many ideas...make sure to share yours on our Forum for the world to see. It's your Creative Revolution!  
Share yours

2/2017 - Please visit the new website of one of our Featured Artists...Over 50 years of work and this is her first site!

5/2017 - Evie and I now have THREE Instagam accounts! One for the life and times of Evie,  the other which showcases photos I take of our beautiful world and the last showcasing orignal art by our Featured Artists. The photos and artwork are for sale and can be shipped to you or as a gift. Proceeds will go to rescues and shelters!

11/2107 - One of the coloring book designs made it into the Color On Magazine, and rumor is there will be more in the next issue. Someone else colors them, so it is great to see how people see things from their perspective!

5/2018 - Thank you to Tom Johnson for featuring my books on his blog, Pulp Den. Besides writing interesting books, he does a lot to help other authors. He is also a big fan of animals and supports the cause! 

5/2018 - It may not be animal related, but as you can tell if you have visited all the pages, there is much more to my life and thus this site. So, I am happy to publish my new blog dedicated to those who live with chronic illness and am hoping that many of you out there feel it is important to contribute and share!

7/6/2018 - I am so very heartbroken to write that I lost Evie to cancer today. It was a fast and aggressive form and there was nothing that could be done. Our work to help the many needy animals and those who care for them will continue in her name. Please see my blog for more words on my very sweet best friend. 

8/2018 - I am thrilled, and Evie would be proud, to say my book was accepted into a wonderful program which promotes reading and learning. As of today you will find copies all over the transit system in Boston, MA. Keep an eye out for it and happy reading!

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