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"Free in Spirit"

"Occasionally the bond between people, and the story their life tells, is worth sharing to remind others that no matter what life throws at you the unkown is worth believing in. David Dean's life ended in 2010 after a long and horrific struggle, but his gift of life to Romy keeps his spirit alive. And the crows that visit her each year always make her smile..".


David Dean donated a kidney to me and saved my life in 1999….Mother’s Day to be exact. We were together 17 years, but as life progresses, so do people, and sometimes that leads to the end of relationships.

Unfortunately, he broke his neck in 2008, not long after our separation and he died in 2010 after a long and horrific, horrific struggle to stay alive. It was horrific for me, and his family as well, to watch the horror of his situation and ultimately not be able to do anything to help as he could only move his eyes and mouth…and that was difficult as well. The time was miserable for me more so because of our strong bond, both mentally and the fact that he was literally a part of me. Difficult to explain, but let’s just say that my hair was pin straight before the transplant and my ringlets now come straight from himJ

It took a long time to find my way through many things, but I knew that I wanted to keep his spirit alive more than just in me, and also do something again to celebrate my interest in community and my love (and his) of animals. The ideas came and went, and came again, and I allowed myself to let that happen until I was really ready.

Finally in the beginning of 2017 it all came together…and it’s finally done!! It is nothing grand or extreme, amazing or brilliant. I just wanted to make it simple and yet celebrate life and the possibilities…and the magic of what is around us if we believe. It is a 24 page book which tells our story through illustrations (thank you, Diane Collins), photos, art,  transplant and paralysis resources…and a little magic thrown in…yes, true magic…think crows! Hhhmmm…

I also wanted it to bring hope and connection to others who are either struggling with serious illnesses, know someone who is, had someone save their life, or just need a reason to have hope…whatever the situation. To accomplish this I have made the book interactive as well so that people all over the country..the world?...can be a part of that connection and hope. That's why you are here hopefully!

My goal is to have this book in all of the doctor's offices, hospitals, clinics, businesses and anywhere else people may need a smile and a way to share their own thoughts and story...let's see how it goes.

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It is great for a gift for someone, and a portion of sales go towards helping animals in need, so remember to let us know what shelter or rescue you would like your book purchase to go towards!


And please take a moment to visit my other site which is a blog dedicated to chronic illness and those who live the life. But You Look Fine


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