Animal Lovers book review

Animal Lovers:

A look into the little-known world of animal rescue and the individuals who dedicate themselves to the cause

By Romy A. Maimon

Infinity Publishing

Soft Cover, 2006, $18,85

ISBN: 0-7414-3642-6

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 Reviewed by Carol M. Upton


“My hope is that this book will be the beginning of another stage in my life, as well as for the many of you out there who spend every day suffering alongside the animals you care for and, of course, for the animals themselves.”

 ~Romy A. Maimon


Animal Lovers is a heartfelt, in-depth look at the amazing angels who dedicate themselves to the rescue of animals in need.


Romy Maimon dreamed of making a real difference in the world, but it wasn’t until she began working in a veterinary clinic and fostered a mother cat with her five-day-old kittens that the dream took shape. Her next step was to devote her life to feral cats, rescuing as many as she could and finding homes for those she couldn’t keep. Along the way, she connected with others like herself, people determined to care for the animals who have been neglected, abused or discarded for one reason or another.


Maimon recognized and wanted to convey the commonalities shared by those who dedicate themselves to a cause. She interviewed animal rescuers all across the United States. Here they share their humble beginnings and diverse rescue experiences. They demonstrate how caring for those of other species creates a better world for all. There are those like Florida’s Kirsten Levine, who works with the media encouraging pet adoptions, or Oregon’s Sandy Taggart, who sold her home to be able to afford a rescue property. Natalie Owens of New Mexico, like many rescuers, shelters abandoned poultry, cats, llamas and horses as well as dogs, simply because they appear at the gates. 


The overpopulation, abuse and euthanasia statistics quoted in this book boggle the mind, but so does the devotion of animal rescue workers. A common theme emerges; these animal lovers gain heart from watching frightened, homeless creatures regain their trust and grow into their new surroundings. Abandoned creatures ask only to be loved and demonstrate endless joy upon realizing they have finally found their forever homes.


Maimon knows the world doesn’t change overnight, but dreams do come true. This book takes readers on an illuminating journey and reminds us what is possible through commitment and love. No one who reads it will ever be quite the same.


Animal Lovers was accepted into the wonderful program, Books on the T. This program helps promote reading and learning by distributing books throughout transit systems in different citites for people to read and leave for others to do the same. Animal Lovers can be found in Boston, so keep an eye out! More information at

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