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Welcome animal lovers, everyone involved in animal rescue, and those who want to learn more about the world of animal welfare in general. You have found a place where more than fifty individuals and the author have contributed their experience, wisdom, thoughts, ideas and hearts in the hope that you can learn about their lives and pass on your knowledge and understanding to those around you...all in the name of saving lives.

This is not the typical book about happy adoption stories. No, this is a realistic, insightful, and sometimes difficult look into the lives of people who devote themselves to this cause, and the hardships they face in order to try to make a difference in this mostly unknown world. So, whether you are directly involved with a shelter or rescue, independently rescue, are a teacher looking for ways to teach your students about humane education, or are an animal-friendly parent, this book will make a difference.

It shows there is a need for us all to work together, no matter our perspective, and that there is much to learn. The millions of stray, feral, abused and neglected animals really are counting on us. Please take the time to pass this site on to others whom you feel understand the plight of needy animals and, of course, those you think can benefit from learning more.

As well, please visit our Cafepress and Zazzle stores for one-of-a-kind, unique animal welfare slogand and items that are perfect for fundraising, raising awareness and much more. There is even a great Transport sticker that has become popular!

Take a moment to join the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and be one of the many who say they care!

Romy Maimon


Quotes From A Few People Included In This Book

"Animal rescue" is a new concept that is building popularity in America's companion animal welfare movement. There are many different groups with different philosophies, but we have a great way of working together in the interest of animals who need us. It's so important for the success of our mostly nonprofit, mostly all-volunteer groups to get together to get the word out about our missions. I'm very honored to be a part of this important book and animal rescue in general."

Rose Lener, Founder/Director
Old Mason Animal Rescue of Ohio

"It is with great honor to be a part of this book. Being a small licensed nonprofit shelter in a rural area, donations and pats on the back are far and few between. Thank you!"
Linda York, President
Pet Pals, Inc.. Wyoming

Its an honor to be included in a book about rescue. It is a subject very near and dear to my heart,especially when it  comes to Puppy-mill dogs.
Mary Stickney, Nebraska

Doing rescue is like diving into an endlessly deep, cold sea. The experience is shocking, physically depleting, yet like the swimmer who dries off and steps on the  shore, once a rescue is complete, the exhilaration can't be duplicated. There is a sea waiting for rescuers. One dive yields the rescue of another precious pet.
Lavonne Redferrin, Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue

To have a love for animals is good, but to take the time to save an animal is Great. It is an awesome act to save an animal from the cruelties of today's world, and through our experiences we hope to inspire others to take the same action against the fight against homeless pet over-population as well as to receive the same inspirations and desires to want to help.
Christa Riley
Doggy Doodles Adoptions - Animal Rescue of St Louis


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