Disgusted Again

Once again, I find myself disgusted to be part of the human race. Where I live is surrounded by ocean and all the mystery that comes with it. We are privileged to witness amazing sunsets, wonderful sunrises, the sounds of lapping waves, the never ending finds that make up the sand of our beaches, first hand views of storms, and so much more.

And with this incredible environment comes sights of delicate jellyfish, crabs and snails, majestic whales and playing seals among other creatures. One such creature is the shark, Great White shark to be exact. Each year they make their way up the coast and feed on on our seal friends that are innocently playing off our shores. And they are always the talk of the town, especially when they begin to make our Shartivity App ping every day. Everyone becomes obsessed with waiting to hear that ping…

This year fun talk turned into serious conversations as many more began to appear closer to shore and cause worry for those here to use our beaches as their personal vacation playground. The fun really ended several weeks ago when a man got bit and then a young man was killed a few miles away from the first attack. Suddenly our beaches were no longer a great place to be and everyone began to panic.

Yesterday there was a big meeting for everyone to speak their mind about the “situation” and how we can fix it. Of course, the main solution heard was that we should kill the seals and sharks. Yep…you read right. Kill them. Kill them because they have now become inconvenient and a nuisance to us humans. Kill them because God forbid we figure out other solutions such as actually not going in the water at some beaches, or putting more life guards out, or putting trackers in the water to detect movement, or anything. Nope, kill them.

How can we possibly think that we have the right to take over the ocean!? We have already taken over the planet and have done nothing but cause pain and suffering to the land animals we live with. We don’t even live with sea life, it is THEIR world! It is THEIR domain and THEIR safe place where they should be allowed to live as they are meant to be. Who do we think we are!? I can only hope that any sane people involved in making the decisions prevail over the rampant stupidity of others. And I can secretly hope that perhaps more people will stay away next summer so that I can go to the beach and not have to deal with their trash piles, screaming kids and generally annoying behavior. Give me a shark sighting over them any day!

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