Who Rescued Who…

“Who rescued who” is a phrase only a few people truly understand. What it means to really devote everything to each other, to save each other, to love each other. To those who have just had “pets,” this concept sounds silly and pathetic and I understand. Until I met her I had lots of pets I cared for and loved, but none became my other half, my shadow.

We found each other when we were both in need. She had just been saved from seeing her last day on earth…scared, sick and pregnant. She came with a permanent scar on her nose from some horrible thing she had been through. I had just left the only world I had known and wasn’t sure I wanted another responsibility. It only took her crawling into my lap to change my mind. I took her home, gave her a badly needed bath and watched as she went to the couch where we both slept the night.

I knew immediately I had to keep her and had to fight to do so as she was only supposed to be a foster. She truly was a grand foster failure.

Since that day she and I have been inseparable. Everything I have done, every day and every second, has been for her benefit. And everything she had to give she gave to me. She was definitely my girl and I have often said that she is the first thing in my life that loved me only. I gave her confidence, protection and adventures. She gave me her trust and her heart.

Her calm demeanor and sweet personality made everyone love her. I could take her anywhere and she was the perfect guest. And the only bad thing she ever did was eat cat food whenever possible. Cats loved her and she let them do whatever they wanted. She did prefer to be the only dog in my world, and that was okay with me. We all have our issues.

Ten years worth of being together seems like a second.

Today feels like an eternity since she’s been gone, although it’s only been 24 hours. Being without her presence is heartbreaking. It’s sad, lonely and I miss her big brown eyes looking up at me making sure I am still there. She is not outside lying in the sun, she is not lying at my feet, she is not asking me for dinner or to play with her toys. She has left me alone and truly, horribly missing her presence.

She was sweet, gentle, smart and all I could have asked for. She really was perfect.

And I know that she had all the wisdom that comes with age when she left this world.
I love you, Evie girl…


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