Monthly Archives: May 2014

To kill or not to kill…

The “no-kill” debate has been rolling around the welfare world and the world in general for many years now, and there is still nothing but talk and opinions to show for it.

In my humble opinion, there is no black and white answer to this dilemma as the world stands today. There is no real regulation or oversight of the welfare/rescue world as a whole and too many emotions rule everything!

If people continue to not spay/neuter and dump their animals on the streets and in shelters, there will never be enough space or adequate and proper facilities to keep them forever. What good is keeping all of them alive if they are confined to cages for their entire “no-kill” life? I have seen what happens and it is not humane. Humane can only be determined and solved if enormous changes are made on many levels, and that will never happen for so many reasons, which is incredibly, incredibly sad.

In my humble opinion, there ARE things we can start to do, but they would need those regulations and oversight, and simple laws in general. And with the government and politicians much more interested in what humans think of them than remembering what being human really should be about…none of these things could ever happen…no matter how simple they are.

As with much in our society, there are many people with opinions, many people with good hearts and many people who just don’t care about anything. That is what makes our world our world…and, yes, that is also very, very sad for us all because it leaves all of us going round in circles with nothing ever really happening. It is like a perpetual hampster wheel of movement with nothing to show for it.

In 100 years when we are all gone, it will be the same. How depressing is that for us all.


Everyone wants to be happy. Everyone wants to feel like they have a life worth living. And everyone wants to have a reason to smile.

For some, those want’s and feelings come easily as they find family, career and the many things those have to offer complete them. For others, such as myself, it is much more difficult.

As I sit here tonight I could be out meeting friends and enjoying meaningless conversation and silly fun. Instead, I am here writing this after a long day working on this new website. And even though I could be out doing what most people probably think I should be doing on a Friday night, I am content because I have accomplished a lot today in regards to what I care about. And that makes me happy.

It reminded me of the feeling I get every time I have spent a day covering a welfare event, or the countless hours I have spent rescuing and working with strays in one way or another. Or, the smile that I always have on my face, and in my heart, after doing something animal-related that I know was important. A smile that I usually can’t control, and a feeling of happiness.

Probably the only time I ever really feel completely happy and that my life is definitely worth living…