Monthly Archives: August 2012

Momma’s inside!

Well, I couldn’t take it anymore. Momma had not left her spot outsdide since that first day I gave her her medicine. I was spending most of the nights sitting outside with her trying to get her to sleep on the blanket I put out. She had decided the ivy under the heater vent from our laundry room was okay, but she was cold. She had stopped leaving the area and going to her warm spot elsewhere. So, last night I picked her up and quickly carried her inside. She panicked a little and once in the cage she was upset…for a total of five minutes. Then, she suddenly sat down and went to sleep. I got no sleep last night because I kept getting up to make sure she was not trying to claw her way out of the cage. She did not. I miss the days of working in a veterinary hospital and having a rescue room in my house. But, I will make do in my one bedroom apt. We all will. Even Toby, who is less than trilled to have a wheezing noise coming from the corner of the room. Sunday I take her to the clinic to get checked out…I hope. It’s in DC so that may be stressful on both of us. Found out that she has been outside for at least eight years and not to a vet in at least four. She is a mess, but hopefully a little better mentally for now.