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Aging Gracefully

Unlike most of us humans, animals seem to age gracefully and with a certain charm that makes them even more endearing.

The white hair that we spend so much time trying to cover up, and carries its own stigma, only adds to the charm of a sweet old soul as it grows upon its muzzle. The glaze that slowly takes over their eyes makes us want to protect them even more as they look to us for help. The purrs and meows that can be heard two rooms away make us smile because we know that they are still trying to communicate even though they cannot hear themselves do so. The slower walks, the longer naps, the lumps and bumps and finickier stomachs.

They say that with age comes wisdom, so I can only imagine what the animals of our world must know when it is their time to leave…thumbnail_20180624_141117


Art for Animals…

I was a jeweler/metal smith before I found my way to the veterinary and welfare worlds back in 1997. But, I was born to create so my hands decide once in a while to tell me it is time to do something new.

Recently they decided I should really do something with all the shells, rocks and beach finds cluttering up the window sills around the place I live. So, I listened…

What I figured is that I would make some “touristy” pieces on local wood shingles and wood pieces from the houses being built and sell them to make money for the local shelters and rescues. Thus, the pieces would be genuinely local. I had never painted on wood, and I am not a painter per se’, but fun was main goal anyway.

After a crazy stint of making a few a day, I finally had enough to show. Although I have done many trade shows and events, I am definitely not a salesperson in nature, so I was nervous about the next step. But, I was offered a table at the Renaissance Festival the other day and so I said yes, why not.

It was an interesting experience and I met a lot of very nice people, and I sold a few pieces as well, so all it all it was a good day. Next step…getting them into a few stores. Wish me luck:)

Update 4/2014 – I now have pieces in a local store and the owner is a huge animal lover, so it is wonderful. Thank you to Twigs and Tides!







Spay/neuter clinic…

Yesterday was a crazy day for us all at the spay/neuter clinic. 70 cats, three Dr’s to start with, new vet students, volunteers and a camera crew from China…all cramped into two rooms.

Many of the females had already given birth somewhere outside, several were brought in with their kittens and the rest were pregnant. There were also plenty of big-headed Tomboys in the mix. Seems that there were more friendly ones than usual, but that could be because they just seem to stand out among the crowd.

Marc Sellinger, founder of Rock St Cats brought in many as usual, which was great.