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Animal Lovers book review!

Seeing three years of hard work put into words by someone else is an emotional feeling. A good one, but still…

I published my book in 2006 because I wanted society to know what it was really like to “live the rescue life.” All the sacrifices and hardships some people will face in order to make a difference is amazing. I wanted the other people to know that because of their lack of understanding, compassion and general common sense, that there are others who try to undo their mistakes. I worked a high end veterinary hospitals for years, unable to speak my mind to the people who came in in their diamond and expensive cars but wouldn’t pay $10 to do the right thing for their pet. Then, I would leave and feed the strays, pick up dead kittens off of frozen streets and cry. It made me mad and it made me sad…not because I am an animal lover, but because it shows what we have become as humans.

I have never had the extra money to market my book to get the word out for the people included and to show people they can use it as a fundraiser. But, maybe with this review I will be able to finally do something more.