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Maybe they do, maybe they don’t….

It has been researched and documented, supposedly, that dogs do not remember things. That they live only in the moment.

And some days I tend to believe this when Evie gives me that “I am so bored and sad” look an hour after I take her for a special drive to the beach, or somewhere else that was just for her. A place where we had a grand time playing and she was so happy. A few moments when I was a proud mom watching her have fun and knowing her life is good.

Then there are the times that I know this supposedly proven theory just cannot be true. Times when she remembers people she met just once many months, or even years, before. Or when she cowers going to a place that she was scared of at some other point in her life for reasons known only to her. Or when she absolutely knows where we are going in the car based just on the curves I take, or the type of road we drive.

I do not mind so much that she does remember things because that is natural, but it makes me rather sad to think that the happy memories we make only stay with me. Perhaps this is all part of what we do as pet parents of animals who needed saving, or in general. Maybe it really is all about us in the long run. Maybe that momentary joy is what we need to reassure us that we have made a difference so that when they give us that sad pathetic look we do not feel so badly.

Wonder what they would say…

Bite This Book…A smile for me and Evie

Perhaps because of my books about animal welfare and work to help humans understand animals, I was recently asked to take a look at a special new book. Feeling honored to be part of the process, I eagerly opened the digital version and a smile broke out on my face as I reviewed the pages.

The smile was a result of seeing such a simple, colorful and entertaining book make such an immediate impact…not only on me, but my dog Evie. Why Evie? Well, because the pages are full of rhymes and poems written by a few unique dogs for all other dogs. As I read to Evie the first poem called “Happy Walk,” it was difficult not to relate. Evie, after all, has quite the nose and our walks consist of stopping every second so that she can smell. As I read the words “pee pee” she looked over at me, wondering if she needed to go outside. The same happened when I read her “The Squirrel” as Evie has a strong love/hate relationship with the word “squirrel.”

This happened many times as I read aloud the different sweet poems; Evie’s eyes getting wide and her ears perking up as I laughed and giggled at some of the words that reminded me so much of our life together. And, what makes the book special is that behind the seemingly simple theme is a more complex and important message. One being that author Lony Ruhmann wanted to communicate the needs of dogs who have been abused or neglected and to encourage adoption, and what better way to do so than help humans understand what they are really saying!

Evie and I wholeheartedly agree that any way that we as humans can help needy animals of all kinds live a better life is worth the time and energy. We also know that reading aloud to your dog not only brings you together, but it can now also help us be better people for our furry friends.

More Information can be found at:

Evie’s VEEP cameo!

It will be fun to go to the VIP VEEP premier this weekend. It is a show starting on Sunday on HBO and rumor has it that Evie’s photo will be used in a scene in one of the first few episodes. Of course, I don’t have HBO or any of those channels so I won’t be able to watch it. Have been asking around for someone to record them so I will have a copy. Seems we may have a movie star in the family…figures it is the dog!:)

This is the photo I think they ended up using. What they don’t know is that the white stuff on her face is actually fish guts because she had run off and been bad as usual, lol:)