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Welcome to Evie's Place!

This is a site dedicated to the many wonderful individuals who devote their lives to helping the needy animals of our world. This is a site dedicated to the many small shelters and rescues that struggle every day to save lives. This is a site dedicated to pet owners and animal lovers who need help, or who want to do something to help. This is a site dedicated to the many different ways we can all make a difference for animals and people. This is a site dedicated to you...


Pet of the Week

Adoptions are the name of the game, so submit your photo for the Pet of the Week!

All you have to do is create a free account via the Accounts" menu at the top right of the page. So, what are you waiting for, show the world what furry friends you have available and save more lives. All submissions are shared on our social media as well!


SPECIAL NEEDS - Please share. Roxy is a deaf approximately 3 year old mixed breed. She was owner surrendered as an American Bulldog mix; she appears to possibly†be an Ambull/Pitty mix. Roxy is doing well at the shelter as staff has been diligently working with her. She is learning hand signals and getting the exercise she needs. She is an active girl, but she is also used to living in a home, so with a fun owner who will get her some daily activity, she should transition just fine back to a house dog.

Sadly, Roxy's original owners did not have the experience or understand the needs of a deaf dog. With no means to communicate, Roxy was loved, but lived a confused life. She is easily startled and so must go to a home with no children - this is part of the reason her original family had to give her up. She was also likely not appropriately socialized with other animals and due to her insecurities and lack of understanding of the world, she also must find a home with no other dogs.

Roxy finally is around knowledgeable folks at the shelter who can understand what life is like for a deaf dog and have worked with her. She has come so far. However, she cannot stay at the shelter forever. Aside from her deafness and need to be in a child-free, dog-free home, Roxy is a happy, loving dog who is already mastering hand signal commands and is a quick learner. Her previous owner also noted she was house & crate-trained.

Roxie (ID A077896)

NOTICE: Potential adopter/foster/rescues must contact Humane Society of Central Texas in Waco DIRECTLY with questions. Shelter opens at 11a, M-Sat. Please have the animal ID number when you contact. Phone: 254-754-1454 or visit 2032 Circle Road, Waco, TX.

Welfare News

Are you a rescue, shelter or animal welfare individual and have a fundraising event coming up? Or, perhaps another kind of animal welfare related event you want everyone to know about? All you have to do is create a free account via the Accounts" menu at the top right of the page and submit it for everyone to see!

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Take some time to CHECK OUT the unique one-of-a-kind slogans in our two Cafepress stores and Zazzle store! Each designed by Romy and designed for those in the animal welfare world, and those who support the cause. Find unique posters for your shelter, important items for getting your foster dog or shelter dogs noticed on walks, a great selling transport sticker, buttons for your volunteers to wear on adoption days...and much, much more!

Proceeds from all sales go towards helping animals.

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Featured Artists

Evie's Place is a site dedicated to helping needy animals and those who care for them. We also want to help bring attention to artists across the country who just happen to love animals as well. So, whether you create in wood, paint, fabric, metal or any other materials, and have a soft spot for animals and making a difference...you can be a Featured Artist!

Contact us today for more information and show the world what you can do while helping to save lives.

And, if you are a shelter or rescue that would like to be included on the donation list for sales, make sure to contact us for more information.

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