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Welcome to EvieAlo!

Welcome to EvieAlo! This is a site dedicated to the many wonderful individuals who devote their lives to helping the needy animals of our world. This is a site dedicated to the many small shelters and rescues that struggle every day to save lives. This is a site dedicated to pet owners and animal lovers who need help, or who want to make a difference. This is a site dedicated to you...


Pet of the Week

Adoptions are the name of the game, so submit your photo for the Pet of the Week!

All you have to do is create a free account via the Accounts" menu at the top right of the page. So, what are you waiting for, show the world what furry friends you have available and save more lives. All submissions are shared on our social media as well!


I am a 5 month old Pittie mix that has had a rough start in life. I was hit by a car a couple of months ago and will need an FHO surgery when I get a bit older, and my bones stop growing. Most days you would not know that there is anything wrong with me! I LOVE to run around the yard and smell everything. I am a big sniffer of things. My favorite thing is to play fetch and I LOVE my toys! I am still a puppy so I have lots of chew toys that keep my busy and make my teeth feel good. I am a very good girl who goes to sleep in my big girl bed (crate) at night and I do not cry or make noises unless I have to potty. My foster mommy says I am crate trained and that is a good thing. I am a little shy sometimes and nervous when going outside. I am a little afrais of cars as well and not a big fan of riding in a car but do okay if I have to. Getting in and out of the car takes a little time and reassurance that it is okay.†

I have to take my pain medicine twice per day and that helps me a lot to be able to have fun and play. I still have trouble standing up and sitting down because of my hip and leg, so I need someone who is patient with me and who does not want me running or going on long walks with them. I am more of a backyard player and short walks type of girl. I also cannot, and should not, jump down from tall things. I am a very sweet girl wiht LOTS of energy to play. I am not a fan of people touching my right hip and leg area so older kid friens who would understand this may be best, but babies to do fascinate me! Cats are a little too interesting to me at this point so it is best to have a home without them. I would like a nice, gentle doggie sibling to play with though!

Please find out more about me at Duck Team 6 Street Dog Rescue, TX -†http://duckteam6.org/adoptable-pets/

Welfare News

Are you a rescue, shelter or animal welfare individual and have a fundraising event coming up? Or, perhaps another kind of animal welfare related event you want everyone to know about? All you have to do is create a free account via the Accounts" menu at the top right of the page and submit it for everyone to see!

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Shop to Support

Take some time to CHECK OUT the unique one-of-a-kind slogans in our two Cafepress stores and Zazzle store! Each designed by Romy and designed for those in the animal welfare world, and those who support the cause. Find unique posters for your shelter, important items for getting your foster dog or shelter dogs noticed on walks, a great selling transport sticker, buttons for your volunteers to wear on adoption days...and much, much more!

Proceeds from all sales go towards helping animals.

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Featured Artists

EvieAlo is a site dedicated to helping needy animals and those who care for them. We also want to help bring attention to artists across the country who just happen to love animals as well. So, whether you create in wood, paint, fabric, metal, or any other materials, and have a soft spot for animals and making a difference...you can be a Featured Artist!

So, contact us today for more information and show the world what you can do while helping to save lives.

And, if you are a shelter or rescue who would like to be included on the donation list for sales, make sure to contact us for more information.

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